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A welcome message from Duncan Wilson our CEO

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in the role of Director of Strategy and Business Development for Historic England. It’s an exciting time for Historic England as we bring to life our Future Strategy . Our Business Improvement Group plays a critical role in enabling our teams, across the whole organisation, to champion and protect our heritage effectively. We are looking for an inspiring leader to play their part in helping to champion heritage and improve lives. Through our work, collaboration, creativity and expertise we want everyone to be able to connect with and learn from our heritage.

With a focus on six priority areas, our Corporate Plan provides a framework for our work as an organisation and helps maintain a collective approach to delivering on our long-term vision. Supported by this Plan, we will achieve a step change in each of the priority areas over the next three years and take a big leap forward on the journey towards our vision of an historic environment that everyone can connect with and learn from, and that we are proud to pass on to future generations.

Our Business improvement Group ensures Historic England is an adaptable, financially sound and sustainable organisation that delivers for heritage by:

  • Facilitating joined up working across the organisation
  • Inspiring, challenging and equipping people
  • Nurturing innovation and productivity
  • Managing grant spend to align with strategic priorities
  • Growing income through philanthropy, partnership funding and charged-for services

You will play a key role in the Business Improvement Group where you will lead the Strategic Planning, Partnerships and Philanthropy, Grants, Organisation Development and Programmes teams.

We delivered over £4million in grants in 2022-23 for research, capacity building and engagement projects together with £30.4million for our Highstreets Heritage Action Zones which will unlock the potential of high streets and breathe new life into them for future generations.

We have published our Heritage and Climate Change Strategy and our Carbon Reduction Plan setting out how we will meet our commitment for Historic England to reach net zero by 2040. The climate crisis requires us all to think differently and act creatively, both in terms of how we look after our heritage and how we manage our operations.

Finally, we are seeking a candidate who will be a powerful advocate for our inclusion, diversity and equality aims as set out in our Inclusion, Diversity and Equality Strategy

Good luck and best wishes.

Duncan Wilson

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